Liz Jamar is a comic book and short story writer specializing in twisted tales and dark dreams. Raised in a small West Texas town, she began crafting stories as a means to escape the boredom. Her ideas were good but she knew they could be better, so she decided to gather more tools for her arsenal, by earning her BFA from the challenging Creative Writing for Entertainment program at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. A newly addicted Comic Con junkie, Liz is also an aspiring publishing entrepreneur who is currently developing her own online magazine DreamDarkly for her distorted stories and nightmarish dreams. In addition, she is working on her debut graphic novel Tales from the Road, a series of abnormal road trips along Route 66, set for completion in late 2014.

By day, when she isn’t living in the worlds she creates, she can be found in her cubicle as a digital media specialist, video editor, and content writer for a local software company. At night, instead of sleeping, Liz enjoys spending time with her two pups, a husband, and a gaggle of friends who demand she write faster and more often. No matter where she lives, Liz is very proud of her small-town upbringing and what it did to jump-start her imagination.

Liz Jamar